Back in March, we had a whole bunch of fun asking y'all what you would do with a cast off Enzo mill. And you know our motto, "The Fun Never Stops!" Goofing around on eBay we came across this baby. Yeah kids, you're looking at a 4.9-liter Quad-Weber V8 that's been ripped out of a Series III Maserati Quattroporte. The same car that someone turned into a limo for Richard Dawson in The Running Man. According to the seller, the motor is in tip top shape (i.e. doesn't emit blue/black smoke) and only has 45,000 miles on it. The 4.9-liter jobs were good for 280 horsepower. But who knows, for this motor could have come from an ultra-lux Royale, where it was good for 295 horses. Us? We'd go slightly conservative and put it back into a Quattroporte III, as we love that car. Hopefully the brown and orange example we neglected to purchase back in 2002 for $4,995. You?