Commenter ECNIV sent in these photos last week and I totally spaced on their presence in my inbox, thanks to the flurry of emails I received in the aftermath of the Murilee Is A Man post. But his fine limo-ized Toronado needs to be shared with the world, because it stands for all that is good and true and right about this country.

Is this thing actually a crypto-hearse? Or maybe it has a hearse-style rear door because the rear body was partially sourced from a junked hearse?

This is either a '68 or '69 nose, but it's anybody's guess as to how many Oldsmobiles, of what years, gave their lives to make this machine.

The great thing about front-wheel-drive is that you can just keep adding chassis length and rear axles, giving you the room and load capacity to haul as many drunken revelers as the strip club can fit!