Another day, another close one. Our runner up is quick, witty and to the point. From Tinachow talking 'bout old British steel:

"Like all European royalty the blood line comes to a sad end, victims of degenerative diseases caused by excessive inbreeding and an inability to cross pollinate."

Fantastic, plus it makes us think of Pee Wee Herman on Thirty Rock, which is a good thing. However, what we have for you after the jump has left us both baffled and enlightened. Because we think it sheds a whole lotta luminous light on why exactly Detroit is the way it (sadly) is:

From Peters in our "What Brand Needs To Die?" discussion:

"Why does everybody hate Pontiac? All I've owned is GM and I won't own anything but. I couldn't care less about the steering or whatever anyone else says about them, I love my GMs. Pontiac is GMs performance division, and I think they're doing a fantastic job. The G8 is an amazing car, the G6 is worth a drive, and the Bonneville was an absolute masterpiece. The only car that needs to go is the GTO. Slapping a GTO badge on that car is pure blasphemy.

I do think that Buick should go. If you want a LaCrosse buy an Impala LTZ, if you want a Lucerne, buy a DTS. Cadillac is gonna stay, though. Their designs are incredible.

My list:

We never said we have to agree with the Jalopnik Commenter of the Day.