Today was a close day. Lots of contenders vying for the temporary throne, but alas there can only be one. First runner up goes to the very handsome witty and difficult to type PETEJäYHAWK™ for his his double entendre interpretation of some PCH quotes:

"I am sure of one thing - the kind of trim one can get with a rusty '59 El Camino is not the type of trim I'm into."

Can I get a ha ha? But that's not quite enough to win. Thanks to ECNIV for the nomination...

No, to win the much coveted "Jalopnik Commenter of the Day" title, you must not only tickle the funny bone, but also tug at the heart strings. Unless you are really, really funny. But I digress... No, a really great comment makes us laugh but also reminds just why it is we love cars so damn much. Ladies and germs, I present to you the story of Goatboy's father:

"Well, this isn't really me, but its a good story. My dad and a bunch of his friends a long time ago got a hold of a military surplus Willys Overland Jeep. Of course, they didn't leave it at that. They somehow fit a 289 V8 into the sucker. Anxious to start hooning, they passed on affixing the throttle to the gas pedal, and merely tied a string to the carb and threaded it through to the drivers seat. Pull the string, light up all four tires. I'm not sure how the rest of the story goes, its been a while since I've heard it. But it ended with 4 Church ministers in a Cadillac chasing my dad and his friends up a dirt road. The Caddy crashed, and the boys got away unpunished.


Awesome hoonage, a healthy dose of antidisestablishmentarism, Hollywood quality imagery and a very happy ending for the win.