Life was tough on swingers back in the Malaise Era- say you needed to go to the next county for that Quaalude-fueled pool party, yet the goddamn price of gas was keeping your LTD Brougham (with the classy opera lights) firmly anchored in the driveway. What to do? Why, get yourself a snazzed-out Pinto wagon with the custom portholes and shag carpeting! And now, having served its purpose for three decades, this Pinto offers up its components that other Pintos (and Bobcats) may live.

Ford sold Pintos with this sort of setup as a factory option package, but I can't be sure if this one is factory or customized. Either way, check out the stripes!

Apparently someone really, really wanted the speedometer and wasn't wasting any time about getting it, judging by the wreckage left behind in the aftermath of his or her frenzy.


With this Pinto you wouldn't even need to use the key for a key party- just get busy in the back!


Oh yes, shag carpeting on the walls. It's sad seeing this car among all the Tempos and Aspires in the Ford section of the jukyard. Dang, it's a shame this car couldn't be kept on the road!