The Willys Jeep Station Wagon and Syncro de Mayo got us thinking. Man, we love going off road. And while we're all about our fast, turbocharged AWD wagon, we do miss our old jeeps. Many muddy adventures come to mind, but we'll just run down a few. Going up Wheeler Gorge at age 7 in a FJ55 Land Cruiser while Broncos, Scouts and Jeeps were literally sliding down the hill. Getting a pre-production first generation Ford Explorer stuck (and cracking the floor pan) before being towed to safety by a 1940s Willys. He just showed up like a white knight, creeping over a hill, saved the day and then vanished over another hill. We were 15 and even got to drive it back on our learner's permit (sorry Ford).

Going camping on the backside of Black Lake near Reno in a Dodge Ram 4x4 and being shocked to discover a lowly Subaru Impreza had clawed its way up the same rocky path our jacked-up, nearly monster pickup had issues with. Getting our Scout stuck in fresh, El Nino inspired Sonoma County mud and having a 60s Unimog(!) tow us out. Though, our favorite has to be when us and the old man took some friends and our Cherokees up to Mt. Pinos just north of LA (elevation 9,000 or so feet) and hooned it up in the snow. That was the best. You?