It turns out that almost 60% of our readers prefer a drivetrain-free Lambo to a Ferrari with a fried engine, according to Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll. And that's as it should be, given the creative suggestions we got about the type of engine(s) best suited to Il Diablo. For this Monday, however, we've decided to return to Package Deal Hell. See, it's not really Hell unless your neighbors are enraged from the moment you create your Instant Junkyard, and thanks to eagle-eyed tipster JimmyTheFly, we've got a pair of Seattle-style 3-in-1 deals that'll make you feel like the rain will never stop. Thing is, the difference between Hell and Seattle is that it rains water in Seattle and flaming starter fluid in Hell!

What's the first thing you look for in a project car? Wait, there's no need to answer- we all know it's shiny bolts! Fortunately for you, this batch of three 1973 Fiat 850 Spiders comes with "lots of cleaned and polished parts and bolts," so you know the hard part is already done. As for the minor details- you know, like at least one running engine, legit paperwork, et cetera... well, you can worry about that after these fine Italian machines are dumped in your front yard find their way into your heart. It seems like what you get is one basket case reasonably complete 850 and two parts cars, plus a bunch of extra parts that may or may not have some association with Fiat, but it's just $1650 for everything and the seller just saw an 850 like these (except for the small difference that it was "fixed pretty nice") go for six grand! How can you go wrong?

Before you get your heart set on a stable of Fiats, check out what $3500 will get you in Bellingham. That's right, three 1959 El Caminos! Actually, it's another grand for the wheels and tires (but they're "CRAIGERS, HOPSTERS AND SOMETHING LIKE SLOT MAGS" so it's, like, totally worth it). You'll need nice wheels with these cartrucks, because Stevie Wonder just about everyone agrees the first year of the El Camino was the best looking! Yes, from the horizontal fins that extend onto the tailgate to the ornate grille, the '59 El Camino is a beaut. Since "most of the glass" is bad and there's obviously plenty of rust, though this fact isn't specifically mentioned (the tipoff: seller asserts "you can also get quarter panel and rocker patches"), you won't even notice whether or not any of these truckcars actually have engines. And, hey, what does that matter, given that you can practically buy 3-packs of shrink-wrapped Chevy small-blocks at Costco these days? At least you get "alot of trim" with this deal.

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