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Hot on the heels of Ford fan-boy Igor's take on what to expect from the 2009 Ford F-150, now we've got some new shots of both the re-designed interior and exterior of the new Ford F-150 pickup from the many minions of Brenda Priddy. While the truck's still pretty well covered, we're most certainly able to see a very Super Chief-like look peeking out from behind the grille netting. So Igor was right about that. The interior on the other hand is of the "Platinum" level 2009 Lincoln Mark LT and looks very snazzy indeed. Expect to see this new Ford F-150 to sport one or maybe both of Ford's new 5.8-liter and 6.2-liter BOSS V8 engines to make its way into the F-150 and eventually even see Ford's new 4.4-liter Lion diesel to show up under the "power dome" — a first for the F150 lineup. The new pickup's expected to hit the showroom floor January at the Detroit Auto Show, dealership floors come second quarter of 2008 and of course it'll be a 2009 model. Check out the full report from Priddy & Company after the jump.

2009 Ford F150! (Interior, too!)

*Photos include interior shots showing the base door panels, well as the "Platinum" trim (which replaces the Lincoln Mark LT).

This has been a busy several months for 'spy photos' of trucks. First we caught the 2009 Dodge Ram, and shortly afterwards, Ford's '09 F150. Actually, we've just arrived at the point in time when the 2009 models are trickling out of the secure proving grounds and hitting the streets for real world testing. But these F150 (regular cab) shots are different from all the ones before.

Although still camouflaged, more interior and exterior details are shining through. Some F150 prototypes have shown different grilles, but the one you see here under the camo is the REAL thing!

We're expecting one, or maybe both, of Ford's new 5.8L and 6.2L BOSS V8's will make its way into the F150. Eventually Ford's new 4.4L Lion diesel motor will also show up under the hood. This will be a first for the F150 lineup to get a diesel.

Style-wise, the new F150 will be more evolutionary than revolutionary with bolder fender flares and a "power dome" hood. Some may even refer to it as a "Super Duty Lite" in styling with a smaller version of the Super Duty's bold 3-bar grille with vents on the side.


With the discontinuation of Lincoln's Mark LT, the top-of-the-line - above the Lariat - will be called "Platinum". One of our photographers was lucky enough to get the Platinum interior through the window (wood and brushed aluminum trim, leather seats and what appears to be a unique gauge package), while our other shooter managed to get a clear and unobstructed photo of the door panel of what is likely the base trim package.

Ford's re-engineered F150 will bow for 2009, but will likely arrive at dealerships early in the second quarter of 2008. Officially, we'll likely see a big introduction at the NAIAS this coming January.

Just how did we get such good photos?

Well, in the words of one of my photographers, "He went to Burger King for breakfast, got his food, hid under a bridge to eat and I ruined his breakfast. Heh - I actually felt kinda bad about that."

PhotoCredit: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Co.

Photo Credit - Platinum Interior: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Co.