2009 Audi A6

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We were enamored with the 2007 Audi A6 and have been anxious to see how Audi would tweak the svelte sedan for its 2009 facelift. Though not a major mechanical overhaul, this latest A6 gets a revised front fascia that includes lower, flared intakes inspired by the sporty Audi A5. Don't let the lack of obvious, checkerboard camo confuse you. Audi is still hiding some of the good stuff. Thankfully, the folks at KGP were smart enough to grab a closer shot of the rear taillights, which are covered in tape around the trunk area. This makes us think there's a continuation of that light design, perhaps closer in style to the Audi R8. Full spy report below the jump.


2009 Audi A6 Spotted

Prototypes for Audi's facelifted A6 are now running the streets almost completely free of camouflage. Only a few small areas of black tape to the A6's lighting and a fake chrome strip keep us from seeing the car in its completely finished form. The revised A6 gets a tweaked front fascia with low, flared intakes similar to the Audi's A5 coupe. The small round fog lamps are bogus, as the actual lamps will go all rectangular. A close look at the tail-lights reveals an additional blacked-out portion continues onto the trunk, mimicking the lighting designs applied to Audi's A4 and A5. The thin chrome strip that runs the width of this prototype's tail-end appears to be a fake piece, as it overlaps the tail-lights in an illogical fashion.

The end result for the A6 facelift is a typical mid-cycle facelift, but the changes applied will bring the A6 a bit more in line, visually, with two of Audi's sportier, more nimble offerings.


Ash78, voting early and often

@rlj676: I often park my J Mays-designed Passat (10 years old) right next to my boss's 2-year-old Five Hundred and another guy's Montego. Apart from the obvious size difference, the Ford just doesn't have the same flow and detail to the design, despite having been penned by the same man. Even more so with Audi designs, IMHO.

I can't really substantiate it objectively, but it's there. The VW/Audi versions just seem to flow from one section to the next, while the Ford/Merc looks more piecemeal. It also sits abnormally high and "stout", probably thanks to the Volvo SUV platform. Maybe that's just my imagination.