Frankly, we were a wee bit shocked at the overly enthusiastic response to the prancing horse station wagon. More than one of you lamented the fact that you're not a dragon. You also chose a BMW over a Ferrari in yesterday's QOTD. All of this means that y'all are the most sophisticated group of car nutz on teh internets. Or, simply mad. We're going to reserve judgment. Until you answer today's question. Yeah, the Prince Jefri special is pretty tits (oh wait, his yacht is named Tits; the Ferrari wagon is pretty hot), and in theory at least, a right-hand drive, 442 horsepower 5.5-liter V12 wagon with a 6-speed manual is the stuff our most secretive auto fantasies are made of. How the hell ever, the RS4 Avant is, well, the RS4 Avant. You know, perfect in that Bruce kinda way. Plus, the Audi's hot 4.2-liter FSI V8 makes 420 horses. We're thinking the Audi probably weighs a hair less (anyone who can find out how much the Venice weighs gets a slightly used lollipop) so performance is probably equal. It just comes down to "taste."

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