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We've just heard the National Federation of the Blind believes hybrid cars, when in electric-only mode, are way too silent, and therefore a possible threat to the safety of the visually impaired. According to Deborah Kent Stein, the NFB's chair of their Committee on Automotive and Pedestrian Safety, she claims she's "...used to being able to get sound cues from my environment and negotiate accordingly." In an interview with the Associated Press she says, much to her surprise, she simply has no clue when a hybrid car, running at slow speeds, is approaching. "We did a test, and I discovered, to my great dismay, that I couldn't hear it." Well boo-hoo, Deborah. Don't you know we're saving two koala bears in the arctic or something with every drop of gas we save — isn't that worth the lives of a few people without sight? [World Car Fans]