While trolling the aisles at my local self-service junkyard a while back, I caught a glimpse of a really cool-looking engine in my peripheral vision. "Whoa! What was that?" I thought, backtracking to take a look. And whaddya know, it was a good ol' early-90s Taurus SHO.

And the engine was more or less complete, too. You don't see a whole lot of these in the junkyard, and I admit that thoughts of a sleeper government-issue, refrigerator-white Taurus (or, better yet, Sable) had me tempted to grab that little 220-horse DOHC Yamaha beauty. Imagine the fun of torque-steering your way into trouble, back out of it, and then lurching back into trouble... and that's just getting out of your driveway! I ended up passing on this engine, since of course I need to save my pennies for my Econoline Dekotora project. But still, good to know it's possible to do a junkyard-swap sleeper Taurus.