The Legend Of SLR Guy Continues

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When we tossed the idea of a little photoshopping to celebrate the greatest achievement of SLR Guy's life — smashing up a $600,000 Mercedes McLaren SLR — we expected some pretty amusing responses. We did not expect 127 responses and counting. What we also learned was that although we don't think it's possible to actually die from laughing, it is possible to partially lose consciousness from lack of oxygen. We've collected all of the current entries into one mega-gallery after the jump and we're still accepting submissions (send them in to for a top ten best entries tomorrow and we'll poll to figure out the winner. That is if we haven't passed out again.

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Jeff Glucker

I love it when I am working in Fireworks and click "Open Recent..." and half the filenames are true work files and the other half say DB-something... fantastic...