Project Car Hell, Ferrari Versus Lamborghini: The Rematch

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Taking care of recent Hell Project business first, the Bentley roared- or, rather, was towed- right past the Rolls in our most recent Choose Your Eternity poll, winning in a 75/25 landslide. Those cars were all right, but where's the eternal torment when you can simply walk away from your hopeless project after shelling out less than ten Gs for it? No guts, no glory! That's why you need to forget all about ordinary cars, hock all your possessions, and dive headlong into the Inferno. That's right- Ferrari and Lamborghini Hell! The last time we had this matchup, the Lambo drove over the Ferrari like a big angry Italian tractor crushing Enzo's Fiat 128 beneath its wheels. Let's see who comes out on top today!


Isn't it great how Ferrari has never built any car you can buy for nickels and dimes nowadays? Maserati has the shameful Biturbo episode cheapening even its best products to this day, but every single Ferrari- no matter how wretched- is worth quite a bit (with a few notable exceptions, of course). You might think this would keep you safe from a vintage Ferrari project; regardless of the strength of your yearning for a prancing horse, it's just not possible! There is no safety, my friends, because anything is possible; how about a genuine 1962 Ferrari 250 GT/E for under 30 grand? OK, we'll allow that perhaps it needs a few parts, and that said parts might be on the pricey side, but how bad can it be? Ferrari purists are no doubt pouring quadruple shots of Sambuca to settle their nerves right about now (that is, if their hands can stop shaking enough to hold the bottle), having read the description of such desecrations as the Chevy 327 engine transplant and the junkyard BMW sunroof. You have two choices with this project: pay what it takes to get a proper Ferrari V12 under the hood... or put a bigger V12 in that baby! Say, this Mercedes-Benz unit, which we think would look really good with six Webers.

Does Enzo Ferrari's arrogance with Ferrucio Lamborghini piss you off, even after nearly 60 years? Why, owning a Lamborghini would be your way of saying that nobody can give you the high hat! Only thing is, only coke dealers and entourage-laden rappers can afford the things... but wait- is it possible your pals at Jalopnik have found an affordable Lamborghini for your garage? Yes indeedy, 'tis true; here's an honest-to-God '95 Diablo with a Buy It Now price of just $45K, and it runs! We're not so sure the fact that it runs with "NO ENGINE LIGHTS" means a whole lot, given that the electrical system might be a bit on the shaky side, and the statement "The steering and main running gear have been restored to close to factory specs, however I don't think I would try for the advertised 200 mph" gives one pause, but: real Lamborghini (though it's technically a Frankenstein made from a coupe and an SE). The seller is even thoughtful enough to provide a Fieroborghini body kit, so you can avoid those costly trips to the Lambo dealer for body parts. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Put a Fiero body on the Diablo chassis for the ultimate Fieroborghini!

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Yes, yes...but who said playing apples vs. oranges was against the rules?

A point I will continue to trot out at every occasion is that I think older cars need to be saved more than new cars need to be bought. Especially if it's going to be a spare car and not a daily driver. I will also stand by my assertion that 1973 911S > 2009 911 > 2008 Boxster/Cayman. But make it a GT3 RS, and I'd have to rethink things.

As has been said here before, to each his own.