Remember the Dodge Rampage? Yes, for a while in the mid-80s you could get a factory-built Dodge Omniamino, but these days they're as rare as pastel leg warmers and cellphones that weigh 20 pounds. Fortunately, loyal Denver-based reader Kitt had camera at the ready when she spotted this fine example of the Little Front-Drive Pickup That Could (Not Sell).

The owner of this truckcar has given it his or her own special style, with a curious mix of Grateful Dead, safety-stripe, and general skullish themes.

It's nice to see Dead-related stuff on a vehicle other than a faded Subaru or beater Tercel. This Rampage gets bonus points for not having a single one of those irritating "dancing bear" images anywhere on it. Just the Steal Your Face skulls for this Mopar!

It's got the marker lights. It's got the roof-mounted spotlight. It's got the air horns. A little more of this stuff and we might be seeing the world's first Dekotoramino!

The owner wants everyone to know this is an '84 model, not one of those boring '82s or '83s. Duly noted.

Hmmm... what do these skulls represent? Kills? That seems somehow... un-Deadhead-like. Maybe the owner just likes skulls.