Of the new cars launched at this year's auto shows, the BMW X6 continues to stand out as a WTF? moment. Of course, the X6's visual connection to American Motors models of the early '80s makes for an easy joke. But in all seriousness (or as much as we can muster). Where does BMW's X5-sized, slope-roofed, air-sedan fit in the ever-more-finely sliced automotive product universe? According to BMW's North American CEO, Tom Purves — speaking with Automotive News — it's a few things. It's an SUV for people who think SUVs are butt-ugly. It's an SUV for people who don't need lots of cargo space. It's a pothole negotiator for big-city driving. In essence, it's a distillation of BMW's SUV driving experience, without all that pesky utility. Hmm, okay. In a way, he says in sum, it's a "romantic X5." An SUV with joie de vivre? We're assuming that's backed up with reams of market research. Maybe we'll be less confused when the hybrid version comes out.