Yes! The Official Tatra Website!

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We're not exactly why we're so stoked that we found this. But we're happy as clams to have found it. It being the official homepage of Czech truck manufacturer Tatra. Of course, Tatra used to make totally rad, weird cars that were favored by Nazis during the Second World War. They also used to die in them fairly often, due to the cars' tricky handling. Now they've limted themselves to medium and heavy trucks for military and civilian use, are American-owned, and if they know what's good for them, should build a damn El Camino and sell it over here.


Tatra, a.s.

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i've alway thought those big rear engined air cooled v-8 tatras would be an ideal post-apoc ride. Reliable, fewer parts to break and fluids to hoard, and with no engine or radiator up front, plowing through roadblocks and/or gangs of zombies wouldn't threaten any fragile parts.