Garage419 Behind The Scenes At Lime Rock...And Behind The Wheel Of A Vanquish

Matt Farah, host of Garage419, chats it up with Grand Am drivers at Lime Rock Park during the last race on the original historic track surface. That's cool and all, but the footage of Farah blasting through Connecticut in an Aston Martin Vanquish is worth the click.

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Al Navarro

I won't say anything about his crossing of the double yellow on camera. Oh wait, I just did. Sure we've all done it on roads we know, especially at night when you can see the headlights of oncoming cars, but I don't know if it's the wisest thing to put on video that you're going to make public.

Should we have a Jalop meet up at LRP vintage this Labor Day? I think the Lotus club is going to get some "parade laps" again. And I heard that James G.'s P4/5 may grace the Sunday show this year.