It looks like our readers tend to prefer multiple projects over a single one, if we are to judge by the results of yesterday's Choose Your Eternity BMW Edition poll. We figure that's probably because you like car parts. Lots of car parts, scattered all over your garage, driveway, yard, bathtub, etc., and the BMW Grab Bag was the best way to get the most favorable Car Parts Per Dollar Ratio (CPP$R). With that in mind, and with the knowledge that winter is just around the corner, we've decided to take a look at a couple of convertibles and their associated heaps-o-parts today...

We're going to talk about this 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible first, because the seller is only going to offer this deal for, and I quote, "a VERY LIMITED time!" Now, you might hesitate to call this, uh, deal a car, since in fact it is a big heap of Oldsmobile-themed parts. However, you can turn this heap of parts, plus some time and money- well, OK, a helluva lot of time and money- into a beautiful Cutlass convertible that will turn heads at any locale you deign to grace with your presence. It looks like you get neither engine nor trans, but maybe they're buried in the heap somewhere; anyway, you can always build up a lugnut-snapping 455, add Rock Crusher transmission, and drop 'er right in. Just so's you know, the seller does "NOT HAVE TIME FOR TIRE KICKERS AND LO-BALLERS," so you'll need to let your 15 Benjamins do all the talking right away when you show up.

That Cutlass is a nice "car," sure, but sometimes when you're shopping for a heap of parts you want a Pontiac heap, know what we mean? Of course you do. That's why we want to pull your coat about this heap of parts associated with a former 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible, which you can obtain for an unbelievable 2,500 bucks! The best thing about this listing is that there are four photographs, one of which shows a very nice Grand Prix, but the seller states "The two pictures of 'whole' cars are for reference only, and not the one for sale," so it's impossible to tell what you would actually be buying! Talk about establishing negotiating leverage! One of the photos shows what appears to be a Pontiac engine; maybe it's included and maybe it's a Ram Air 455! Don't listen to your fears, though- listen to your heart! Your heart says you need a great big convertible from The General, doesn't it? Well, there ya go!

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