We've seen 11 Alameda vehicles from the 1950s in this series, but not a single one of them was a Ford product. Well, that changes today! I spotted this heavily customized Ford when I was lured down an East End side street by a quick glimpse of a late-60s Dart, spotting this '54 in all its lowered orangitude just across from the Mopar (don't worry, Dart fans, you'll see that '69 pretty soon). There's no telling which model this car is, what with the utter absence of any sort of trim, but I'm hoping it's a Mainline. Damn, that's a great car name- bring back the Mainline, Ford!

I'm not sure what category this thing falls into, and I don't care. I imagine hair-splitting purists of several camps might be outraged by some aspect or other of this car, but it looks good. That's what counts, right?

Blankets over the seats and plywood door panels. The interior could be a work in progress, or this might be the intended end result. Hey, it looks comfortable!


Shave the handles, lose the trim, but keep the hubcaps!


Even though it looks mean without the grille, I'm hoping there's a grille of some sort in this car's future. 1954 was the first year for Ford's new overhead-valve V8, but we don't know what powerplant lives under that hood. 427 Cammer? One can only hope.

Best of all, the owner of this car also has a lowered '47 Plymouth that's equally sweet. Stay tuned!