DOTS-O-Rama Sunday: 1959 DeSoto Fireflite

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We all miss the inimitable POLAЯ, but at least we've got some DOTSBE photos that he shot on the streets of his native Toronto before running off to become Maximum Warlord of the Trilateral Commission. First up is this remarkably unrusty '59 DeSoto; make the jump to see the entire gallery and read some classic POLAЯisms


This is one of two beauties that are within a block of each other, parked on a main artery in downtown Toronto!
First up, I found what I believe to be a 1959 Desoto Fireflite four door. While taking the pictures at 10:30 a.m., a guy three sheets to the wind stumbles out of the house it's parked in front of, and although he's not the owner, he tells me that he knows the owner and says the car has not been not restored! She's beauty marked with some rust here and there, but aside from that she looks pretty solid for an almost 50 year old automobile. Drunk guy said she's parked there every day so he can watch it for the owner. Yeah, when he's not passed out on the floor! It's the little things on this car that catch my eye, the mirrors, emblems, tail lamps, even the hub caps all have a certain attention to detail modern cars are devoid of, and that's what makes something like this car special.


Notice the emblems used on the Trunklid, and the Hood, the Flying "V" emblems. Look very closely, and you will notice what looks like a knight with some kind of a hat. This was suppose to be an interpretation of Hernando DeSoto.