Rob Del Bueno used to play bass for Man or Astro-man? He also built all their stage props ('member the Tesla Coil?) and even their theremin. These days however, he can be found hocking grease in Atlanta. But not just any old grease. No, Del Bueno is involved with the first first biodiesel retail station in the Southern half of the country. He also built his own biodiesel plant where he refines his own green gold. The LA Times has the whole story, so be sure and check it out. Two things of interest: for our right wing readers, Del Bueno's biofuel empire is being bankrolled by none other than Hanoi Jane's daughter! Can I get a Drudge style squeal of disapproval? The other thing is, last year I saw Man or Astro-man? play in Chicago at the Touch & Go 25th Anniversary Party. How do I put this nicely? Killdozer! Fuck the other bands! Mr. Del Bueno's day job seems interesting. [Los Angeles Times]