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The spy shooters of Brenda Priddy & Co. snagged some shots of what they believe to be a very silver 2009 Hyundai Genesis. The new sedan — which saw a concept version debut at the New York Auto Show and have already seen quite a few spy shots of — built off of their new rear-wheel drive platform, a chassis we're expecting to see a number of new vehicles pop off of in the next 18 months or so including a new Tiburon replacement. The engine's going to be a screamer as well — Hyundai research and development boss Hyun-Soon Lee told a group of Korean executives the company's new 4.6-liter V8 would be massaged to 380 HP.

With production date just a year away, Hyundai is on track with final testing of the much anticipated rear-wheel drive Genesis. And like the concept shown in New York, this prototype is wearing the production-style grille. In the past, prototypes have been seen with a variety of horizontal and vertical grilles - but this is the one that will take it to production. The Genesis is expected to be equipped with an iDrive-type system and is using Lexus and Cadillac as benchmarks. The camouflage - off on the side of a couple of these views - gives an even better look as to what the production version will look like. We expect to see the Genesis driving around for the next year or so - just like this - wearing a few yards of black vinyl to hide the final details, until the production version arrives in dealership in the fall of 2008.