Hummer H3: Decepticon or Autobot?

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It seems that the HX won't be the only Hummer vehicle featured in Transformers 2. At the Cinema Expo International 2008 in Amsterdam, GM shelled out some bucks for a big platform that includes the H3 logo, the Transformers logo and dual black H3's to go along with it all.

If you recall, Ratchet from the first Transformers was a tweaked Hummer H2. Could Ratchet be getting a upgrade? Or will the Hummer H3 serve as a completely new Transformer? GM might just using the black H3s because it doesn't have enough spare Hummer HX concepts for a measly movie expo. Only time will tell.


Maybe that "strategic review" of the Hummer brand meant just dumping all of the Hummer eggs into the Transformers basket. [TFW2005]

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Autobot..... Why ?

There were no Decepticons that were GM products. Why would GM products be shown as "The Bad Guys" in a GM Movie?