This car might not actually be an Impala, since any emblems have long since departed. It could be a Caprice, or maybe a Biscayne or Bel Air. No matter; "Impala" is the generic term for early-70s big Chevy cars, and that's what I'm calling it here (I'm pretty sure the low-end big Chevrolets in '70 didn't have the wheel lip moldings we see on three of this car's four wheel openings, so it's probably not a Biscayne).

So, while you obsessive GM B-body experts debate this car's identity, the rest of us can enjoy its exquisite beatertude. This car has hit some stuff, folks, and it's been hit in return.

Harry Dean Stanton's character drove a '70 Impala 4-door in "Repo Man," which gives this car an extra helping of hipster cred. Or not. Anyway, it's interesting that the original screenplay was very specific that Bud must drive a '70 Impala.

So when the shit comes down, the owner of this car can be heading north at 110 per.

The owner of this car also has a Joad Family style early-60s pickup truck and a '62 Thunderbird that gives this Impala a run for its money in the Property Value Lowering Sweepstakes. Stay tuned for them.

In addition to liking this fine automobile for the "Repo Man" connection, I also appreciate the fact that it's the same year and model as my 1/25-scale 1970 Wretched Impala model. Of course, the model is a 2-door big-block car, but otherwise they're very similar.

Amazingly, all the taillights are intact, and the bumper looks like it's never been hit by anything bigger than a Maxima.

I figured I probably shouldn't be poking my camera into this car's windows, due to the likelihood of the owner thinking I'm some neighborhood busybody trying to get the city to banish this so-called nuisance (actually, I will be deeply saddened when all the early-70s beaters are gone from the island's streets). So we'll use my model's interior as a sort of artist's conception.