With the EPA's new test methods for calculating fuel-economy estimates in effect for model-year 2008, some new models will get updated numbers on their stickers. For instance, the EPA's figures for the Toyota Prius have dropped from 60 city/51 highway miles per gallon to 48/45. With less marketing value to be gained from the arguably more realistic numbers, some dealerships have decided they'd do the righteous thing, and just stick with the original numbers. A survey of 200 Toyota dealers by CNW Marketing Research shows 33% of dealers still tout the 2008 model year Prius as a 60-mpg machine. And who's blowing the whistle on such dealers of compromised scruples? Other Toyota dealers who are playing by the rules. It's been reported that some of the noncomplying dealers have placed ads featuring with the old numbers on radio and TV rather than in newspapers, where there would be a paper trail of their violations. Hello? YouTube? [GM Inside News]