Mio Joins The Cellphone-Enabled GPS Club

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Recently passing through the ringer at the Federal Communications Commission was the Mio Moov 380. When Mio isn't putting tons of research and development funding into "vintage" GPS devices, the company is following Garmin, Magellan and Dash by integrating cellular abilities into GPS navigation devices. But the included SIM slot in the Moov 380 is what makes it stand apart from other GPS navigation/cellular units: The Mio can utilize the cell line you already pay for.

What's confirmed is the Moov 308's ability to make and receive phone calls and text messages. Using data technology, the Mio will also be able to look up addresses and other information on the fly. [Mio via Giz]


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That's cool and all, but I'm not carrying that brick in my pocket. These GPS makers should stick to what they know. Why on earth would I take the time to swap my sim card into this thing every time I get in the car when I already have a telephone?