First 2009 Corvette ZR1 Rolls Off Assembly Line To Thunderous Media Silence

The much-anticipated 2009 Corvette ZR1 began production, as the first unit finished the assembly process and was delivered to Chevy dealer Dave Ressler during a press event in Bowling Green on Monday. What, you didn't notice? Well, it seems the build coincided with the unveiling of the new Chevy Camaro, forcing the ZR1 news under the radar. Guess those promotions budget cuts only allow one high-profile unveiling per week, eh?

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Dave Ressler, the new owner of the first 2009 ZR1 — the rights to which were sold at Barrett-Jackson, with proceeds going to charity — also happens to be the owner of the oldest known Corvette, a 1953 model. So what does Ressler do for a living? Why, he's a Chevy dealer, of course, and the owner of a large 'Vette collection in North Dakota. Ressler hasn't announced his plans for the new car, which has unique blue paint and a special VIN, but we hope he doesn't squirrel it away in his barn. North Dakota farm roads and ZR1s seem made for each other. [via VetteTube]

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Rob Emslie

Thunderous media silence. What, was John McCain driving it?

/political threadjack.