Hummer HX, H3T Spotted On Transformers 2 Set

Illustration for article titled Hummer HX, H3T Spotted On Transformers 2 Set

The robots-in-disguise fan-boys at the Transformer Live Action Movie Blog have snapped some close-up pictures of the Hummer HX concept taken at the San Pedro, California set for the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie due out next summer. Also spotted was a Hummer H3T decked out with the same kind of "NEST" decals as the HX. Want to see the shot in higher resolution? Click here. [Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]

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pedal to the mettle

@OldeEnglishD misses Polar: That's what the terrorists want you to think. Once everyone has traded in their trucks for econoboxes they'll swoop in and attack and we'll have no way to escape them!