It's been almost a week since we last saw a station wagon down on Alameda's not-so-mean streets, and it's that time again! See, because my family had a van instead of a station wagon back in the day, I suffer from Childhood Wagon Deprivation Syndrome. So how about we take a look at the ur-wagon, the amazing 1965 Ford Country Squire? Yes? Good!

The Squire was the top trim level for the big Ford wagon in '65, with the Country Sedan being one notch down and the Ranch Wagon being the prole-issue version. Check out the horse-and-riding-crops emblem! That's class, man, pure class.

And of course it has a big-block! This 352 made 250 horsepower, but for an extra $246 you could get the extra 50 horses of the 390.

You could fit a vast brood of squalling ankle-biters, barking Labradors, and associated gear in this thing and still have room for enough head cheese and Funny Face to feed everyone!

And the "woody" option actually has carriage-bolt heads and three-dimensional trim! Meet you down at the country club, gentlemen! It's just a shame the Denver Not So Welcome Wagon doesn't wake up with wood.

Now, personally, I'd put a 406 and a 4-speed in this thing, leaving the appearance exactly as it is now. Well, maybe some wider rubber...