GM "Employee Pricing For Everyone" Starts Wednesday

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We don't have full details on the promotion yet, but starting Wednesday, it'll be a good time to head over to any GM showroom: The automaker's gone ahead and doubled down with employee pricing for everyone yet again. The new sale will include all eight brands and run from Wednesday, August 20 through September 2. Presumably, there will be the usual exclusions, but expect anything with any significant inventory on the ground to be in the mix, since the General is trying to clear lots for 2009 vehicles. [Automotive News; Sub. Req.]


@bjones2004: Basically it depends on the car. About 4 years ago my wife and I were shopping for a new car. We are eligible for GM employee pricing (her grandfather is a GM retiree). We saved about $6K + about $3K in rebates + her grandfather gave us a $1,500 coupon on a new Trailblazer LT that stickered for $34K we got for under $25k. However, I also looked at getting a GTO, we would have saved about $1K + the coupon off the $30K sticker. Basically you save big time on the options, not so much on the base models. I believe the last time around they let the public get this deal it was either take the employee pricing OR the financing rebates. That was the nice thing about "real" employee pricing, we got BOTH the discount and the rebates.