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British Driving Test Now Judges Eco-friendly Motoring Aptitude

Illustration for article titled British Driving Test Now Judges Eco-friendly Motoring Aptitude

The nanny state has added one more criteria to their driver licensing tests: Eco-friendly driving skills. The Telegraph reports that the new testing is being implemented to comply with EU regulations, with government officials stating that motorists practicing the eco-friendly driving techniques could see savings of up to a month's worth of fuel over the course of a year. Basically, it's the same thing our automakers are promoting with the help of Ah-nold, except ours isn't mandated or federally funded. Heck, we don't even have driver's ed! While motorists won't fail the test due to poor environmental scores, we figure it's only a matter of time before remote CO2 monitoring stations are around every bend, checking pollution output and photographing the plates of any gross offenders. You've been warned. [, Image: Getty Images]


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From the article: "Among other orders, drivers will be told they must not move down through the gears when preparing to stop"

I was always taught to "engine brake" by moving down through the gears, I believe my driving instructor said something about "maintaining control". Are they advocating less safety in order to save a few ounces of fuel?