30-year-old Toyota's drift antics shame its offspring

A hoon sees an on-ramp as an opportunity for shenanigans, and what's better to hoon than an early '80s Toyota AE86 coupe with like three shades of paint on it? Old Toyotas are so much fun.


This hoon was captured by Middleswine, who describes the circumstances:

I filmed this on the way to work this morning; this guy overcooked it while attempting to drift and proceeded to spin out in to a 360/burnout. At the previous light, a left turn, he drifted it rather nicely around the turn. Seeing this, I grabbed my camera when we were stopped at the next light. He saw me pick up the camera and started to film and then proceeded to go a bit throttle happy.


The hoon is indeed strong with this one.

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

I wonder if that guy will see himself on Jalopnik.

Nonetheless, I long for a RWD car sometimes.