Audi RS5 Spied Getting A Workout On The 'Ring

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The upcoming Audi RS5 has posed for a picture near the Nurburgring, strangely sporting quad pipes more reminiscent of the S-line cars rather than the dual ovals of the RS. And an S5 rear badge. The discrepancy is leading some to speculate that this is a mule using an S5 body — that or we've been misled about the engine offerings. We'll learn the truth at the Detroit Auto Show this January, and we sure hope to find a 450 HP V8 tucked between those fenders.


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my favorite car is a motorcycle

My guess is that aggressive pricing could really attract a large number of would-be M3 buyers. (Let's reserve judgement until next year's performance tests, though!) Even in this pre-production state, the RS5 appears a more elegant, cleanly styled car over the BMW. That's more important to most buyers than on-track performance. For all the hard work that BMW engineers put into the M3 to make it a superb dynamic balanced automobile, it's funny how Bangle undermines it all. Walter da Silva continues to improve the Audi family with this latest A5 derivative.