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Here's what you missed yesterday if you didn't get a chance to follow along with us live on the first day of the Frankfurt Auto Show, all rolled up into a top ten stories list — for your reading enjoyment:

1.) BMW unveiled the X6, and yes, as all the spy photos showed us, it's got a seriously large rear end. What we didn't know is that it'd have a hybrid brother. [Live Reveal, Press Photos]

2.) As we broke to you first a few weeks back, Lamborghini revealed their one million euro car, the Reventon. Yes, it's truly a "unique" looking car. We'll put it to you this way, it has a nose that would even out the X6. [Live Reveal, Press Shots]

3.) Bugatti decided they'd reveal a new Veyron and you know, cover it in aluminum sans steel. Why'd they do it? Because they could, mein freund. [Press Photos]

4.) Europe gets a new Ford Focus. Yes, it's prettier than the one we've got. [Live Reveal]

5.) The Jaguar XF looks a little bit more pretty all shellacked up under the auto show lights than it first did in press shots and in video, but it still leaves a very Dodge Intrepid-like taste in our mouths. [Live Reveal, Press Photos]

6.) Ferrari reveals the F430 Scuderia — who knew Italians could be such Deutsch-bags? [Live Reveal, Video Reveal, Press Photos]

7.) Mazda reveals the 2008 Mazda6. It also got pre-vealed the day before online. [Live Reveal, Press Photos]

8.) Volkswagen's Up! concept car gets a preview on German TV, then a live reveal on stage and finally, a fuel economy number. Or at least a "predicted" fuel economy number. [Random TV Reveal, Live Reveal, Press Photos]

9.) Honda shows it can tour in concept with the Honda Accord tourer concept. [Live Reveal]

10.) GM's Opel division reveal yet another E-Flex concept car. This time it's the not-so-extreme, but definitely diesel-tastic "Flextreme." Did we mention it likes to have Segways in a very uncomfortable place — and no we don't mean the back seat of a Volkswagen. [Live Reveal, Press Photos, Segways In Back]