It's been over a month since we've seen a Porsche in this series, and even longer since we've seen a 911SC, so let's take a look at this '79 911SC on this fine Wednesday morning.

I spotted this car in Alameda's East End, not far from the 900 horsepower '39 Chevy.

Even with all the Porsche worshipers who would prefer to see a 28-year-old example packed in cottonwool and fondled only while wearing rubber gloves, Alameda still has quite a few of them sharing the streets with the likes of drunk-driven '85 Cavaliers and '92 Camrys with cellphone-distracted drivers.

The low-profile tires probably help the handling, though at the expense of taking away from the Quaalude-scented 70s-ness of the car.

But just because it's from the 70s doesn't mean it's a Malaise-mobile; the 172-horse flat six in this car made only 3 horspower less than the optional "high-performance" 350 in the '79 Camaro.

Of course, you could get three '79 Z28s with the $19,500 a new 911SC would cost you, leaving enough money left over for a year's supply of Synth Coke!