It's been a few weeks since we had a DOTS car from the 1950s (we had a 50s truck not long ago), and well over a month since we saw our last DOTS station wagon, so today we'll combine the two and get caught up on both crucial categories.

This lovely pink wagon lives on the same block as the Datsun 610 we saw a while back.

They just knew, back in the day, that space travelers would have taillights like this on their interstellar craft. How could it be otherwise?

Everyone talks about the Nomad, but the plain ol' 210 family wagon for '57 was a mighty good-looking machine as well. This one's got a bit of rust-through, but nothing too bad.

You could get the 210 with a six or a 283 small-block, but the junkyard-sourced console-mount shifter indicates that this car has had a drivetrain swap at some sort. Most likely combo: 350/TH350.

It's easy to get bored with the '57, just since we've seen so many of them. But the wagon makes us look at the design anew.

Future space travelers would also be sure to have hood ornaments like this on their ships. Who knows, maybe they will.