Banks To Drag 200+ MPH Diesel Dragster To SEMA

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The diesel performance gurus at Gale Banks Engineering are getting on the teaser bandwagon with this tail-shot of their new 200 MPH diesel dragster. Using a Duramax 6.6-liter mill not unlike Banks' S-10 oilburner — already capable of hitting 180 in the quarter — the company promises output well over 1000 HP and 1000 lb-ft of torque. According to the release, "there'll be 30 feet more of this wild machine on site at SEMA" next week, so keep an eye out for some diesel dragster goodness during our complete coverage of the world's biggest aftermarket show. Full presser, including details on other new Banks Engineering hi-po diesel products, below the jump.

SEMA SHOW 2008: BANKS TO SHOW 200+ MPH DIESEL DRAGSTER & MORE SEMA Debuts: Banks Marine Engine, SpeedBrake™ & EconoMind® Tuner Azusa, Calif. 10.24.08 - - Banks Power, the nation’s pre-eminent producer of complete aftermarket packages that not only power up, but bolster fuel mileage as well in both diesel- and gasoline-powered light trucks, motorhomes, and SUVs; will have some new attention-catching “items” on its stand at the 2008 SEMA Show. First, foremost (and pretty darn obvious) will be the latest weapon in Gale Banks’ “arsenal” of diesel-powered record assault vehicles; his brand new Sidewinder Top Dragster. At almost 300 inches long and powered by a Banks-equipped GM Duramax 6.6 liter V-8; the dart-shaped, projectile is aimed squarely at being the first diesel dragster to make consistent, backed-up 200+ mile per hour runs in the quarter mile. SPECIAL MEDIA INVITATION: PLEASE JOIN US AT THE BANKS EXHIBIT TO BE AMONG THE FIRST TO SEE THE BANKS POWER TOP DRAGSTER The introduction of this exciting new machine is set for 10:15am on Wednesday, November 5 (Banks Exhibit - Central Hall - Space 23721) Company President Gale Banks will be on hand to present the machine (which boasts power readings of well over 1,000 horsepower and 1,000 pounds-feet of torque) to the media and talk about the future racing plans for his latest Banks Sidewinder! Sharing space in the Banks display will be the new Banks Marine Engine that’s also based on the muscular GM Duramax. Designed to be a state-of-the-art, high performance diesel engine for use in a wide range of boat types; the 6.6 liter diesel engine will be available from Banks in multiple ratings and configurations depending on application and customer requirements. This is the engine that elicited such a positive buzz at the Miami Boat Show earlier in the year. It too will be seen by SEMA show goers for the first time at this show. Additionally Banks will have all of its latest consumer products on hand including the new EconoMind Tuner®. Designed and produced with the words fuel efficiency foremost on everyone’s mind, this latest electronic marvel from Banks helps vehicles to get every last mile out of every drop of fuel, as well as allowing those same vehicles to “flex their muscles” on demand or when encountering steep grades. Also on view at SEMA will be Banks’ brand-new revolutionary SpeedBrake™ for the GM Duramax LBZ & LMM engine. The patented, all-electronic unit is completely adjustable for individual preference as well as for all road and load conditions. During extensive testing this system exceeded expectations and far outperformed any other so-called “competitive products” in all braking functions. In fact, no other company offers anything like the functionality of this exclusive Banks SPEED CONTROL. The gargantuan SEMA trade show, held annually in Las Vegas, attracts over a million members of the multi-billion dollar automotive aftermarket industry, takes place this year on November 4-7, and is anchored at the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center. Gale Banks Engineering has just begun its NEXT fifty years of design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing excellence. From its founding in 1958, Banks Power has been continuously involved in applying the tough lessons learned in all-out competition to improve street products for everyday users. Generally speaking, Banks customers do not actually need to go 200 or more miles an hour. But most feel that getting the best of power and mileage out of Banks’ unflinching quest for speed is a pretty good spin-off.

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I saw video of the Banks Sidewinder arriving at Bonneville. It arrived under its own steam, pulling a trailer. It pulled into the paddocks, dropped the trailer, went up on ramps and had its rearend changed. Down off the ramps, off she goes, tearing over the horizon at 200+. In-cab video showed the driver with only one hand on the wheel - guess it handled pretty well.

Sidewinder makes its return run. Back up onto the ramps, street gears go back into the rearend. Hitch up the trailer. Off she goes, meandering over the horizon with everyone else at legal speeds.

Say what you want about Gale Banks - that's one helluva machine.