After opening up a real can of worms in the debate over the Rat Rod 356 yesterday, it seems only fair that we should see an evil-looking primermobile that reminds us of a time when men were men and Pabst wasn't an ironic beer choice. Time was, loud-ass GM A-bodies with fat tires and mismatched wheels roamed the streets of Alameda in packs, searching for Mopar B-bodies to take out to City Line for some street-racing action...

Cars like this '69 Chevelle. Or maybe it's a Malibu. In any case, you could time-travel this thing back to '82 and it would fit right in on Alameda's streets (and the APD would have the owner eating hood as they searched him for dope, a ritual that the primered-A-body owner could count on experiencing at least once a week in those days).

This Chevelle looks pretty mean, all right. It's sad that most of the ones you see these days are all shiny and sanitary.

The 307 emblem would have caused some real confusion in the minds of other musclecar owners back in the day. Does the car really have a 454, with the emblems just serving as a ruse to sucker small-block-equipped Barracuda drivers into an ill-advised wager? Or does it actually have the sucky 307... but then why would you leave the emblems on while making the rest of the car look so evil? Aaaagghhh!

It's got the aftermarket steering wheel and B&M Megashifter, plus the optional boxer shorts and graduation tassel. And Malibu emblems on the door panels... but the other door doen't have one, if I recall correctly. Feel free to debate the Chevelle-versus-Malibu issue, hair-splitters. Actually, this may not even be a '69, what with the junkyard mix-n-match thing so prevalent on these cars.

I'm totally hearing Montrose when I look at this shot.

Strangely, GM didn't actually issue these cars with Centerlines, though it sure seemed like that for a big chunk of the 70s and 80s. Bonus points for having them on the rears only, just like the Evil Kingswood Estate wagon that lives a few blocks away.

So now I'm going to try a new variation on the gallery thing; all the small images will be in the gallery, plus some extras. We'll sort this out eventually.