We all really enjoyed seeing Junkman's Chevy-powered '57 Porsche 356 last week, but Junkman has other projects worthy of the Jalopnik Certified Madman Engine Swap Stamp-O-Approval. Like, say, this '62 Deutsch-Bonnet LeMans Spyder with a Pontiac 400 V8...

The Deutsch-Bonnet was a great car and all, but that little 2-cylinder Panhard engine just lacked oomph. We can just imagine Junkman looking at the D-B... then looking at the Pontiac 400 sitting on the shop floor... then looking back at the D-B, with light bulb appearing over his head. Speaking of the shop floor, looks like some nice machinery in the background, eh?

The Deutsch-Bonnet has quite a history; one of its descendants was Matra, maker of the beloved Bagheera.

According to Junkman: "As you can see by the smoke from the slicks in the "action photo", all is well mechanically and civil disobedience is alive and well in Ohio." Yes indeed, and we have no choice but to award him our second Project Car Hell Poster Child Award; Junkman joins ute-lovin' BrendanSF in our Pantheon of PCH Poster Children. Could you be next? Send photos of your Hell Projects to murilee at jalopnik dot com!