I haven't done too many old pickup trucks for this series, although they're all over the island; I'll probably get to more of them eventually, just as I will with late-60s/early-70s VW Type 1s. Thing is, banged-up old trucks are more or less just as relevant as they ever were, so plenty of them are just doing their truck jobs, decade after decade, and they don't really catch my eye in most cases. However, this super-clean '50 Dodge does stand out, since it's in such nice shape.

I saw this truck with a FOR SALE sign the other day, after I photographed it. The owner wants $9000 for it; apparently it's been totally gone through, with a recently rebuilt engine and redone interior. That price seems steep, but maybe that's the going rate for a very solid restored Dodge truck from its era.

In any case, I don't think it drives much; it does, however, park on the street every day.

Talk about your simple dash designs! I don't see a radio anywhere, so I'm a little puzzled by what appears to be a speaker to the right of the instrument cluster. Or is that a vent?

This truck makes me want to listen to some Ray Price.

Check out the crazy hood ornament; Chrysler needs to bring back this version of the Ram logo.

You know you're in the Bay Area when you see an old pickup truck with an Obama sticker.

It's nice to see some prewar style lasting into the 50s.

The ol' reliable Chrylser flathead six, which hauled every manner of vehicle for decades, is the powerplant here. It was pretty torquey, but probably not so great for long high-speed highway driving. With fade-o-matic drum brakes and a no-doubt-primitive suspension, you wouldn't want to get much above 50, anyway.

Here's an entrant to the Mopar Dog Dish Hall of Fame. Chrysler always did have the best dog dishes.