Amongst Los Jalops, a Renault Avantime has only been spotted once — on the streets of gay Paris last year. Chalk-up another Matra-designed-and-built Renault sighting to the list. Some sort of strange melange of minivan and coupe, the oddly-arsed Avantime was only built between 2001 and 2003 and suffered from poor sales during the period, getting the axe after only around 8,500 examples were constructed. Regardless, on the way down to Pebble this morning, Bumbeck spotted this blue example in a Best Western parking lot and immediately flung an illegal U so we could get a shot of this quirky machine. The coolest feature? The long, double-hinged doors that allow the occupants to exit in tight spaces without inflicting moon-crater-sized door dings on neighboring vehicles.