The Monterey Peninsula in August is always a veritable sea of money, with cash trading hands on a scale we're too tired to come up with a metaphor for. As an addition to the city's status as a tourist destination, full of pubs and restaurants, the downtown area also hosts the RM and Russo and Steele Auction. But as we have not the cash to partake in the bidding we preferred to walk around and check out the cars lining Calle Principal amongst the throngs of people who came down to do the very same thing. Everything from a Roth Trike (The Great Speckled Bird) to more attainable exotica like Panteras, to muscle whose owners didn't care to mosey down to Scottsdale — including baseball great Reggie Jackson. When we got back to the Sorento, someone had scrawled "The Moon Rulez!" along the side. It was time for us to sleep.