At last night's Chevy HHR SS reveal, the main product man for the General presented with open hands a red bomb of turbocharged power onto the assembled media. But then, as you can see from the above video, he pulled that hand back and gave a backhanded slap to the boys in Auburn Hills for the Chrysler PT Cruiser variant edition released earlier in the week. "Maximum" Bob made it clear the HHR SS was "not a special edition with a sunset bronze paint job β€” this is the real deal." We're now hearing the boys in Auburn Hills may have themselves a retort. Check back in a few minutes and hopefully we'll have some "Retro Car Wars" to report on shortly. While yes, not as exciting as the "Muscle Car Wars" from last years Woodward Dream Cruise, it's at least something! Let's get it on! [Video via Autoblog]