Alameda has plenty of tiny side streets, and it's pretty hard to check them all for potential DOTS cars. However, I spotted what appeared to be an early-50s VW Transporter down one such street, and though the VW turned out to be a garden-variety mid-60s specimen, I found this crusty old soldier parked next door.

The history of the World War II Jeep is complicated enough that I started wasting a lot of time tracking down all sorts of interesting tangents; the basic deal here is that Ford contracted to build a vehicle designed (mostly) by Willys-Overland.

And build them Ford did, cranking out almost 300,000 GPWs by the end of the war.

Plenty of Jeeps got trashed in combat, plenty more got shipped to the Red Army (whose soldiers would be issued one-way tickets to the Gulag if they expressed too much admiration for such fruits of exploitative capitalism), but vast quantities survived the war to be sold cheap to American civilians.

This one's been given the rollbar/big-tire treatment, and it wouldn't come as a shock to find the engine has been upgraded as well.

Hell yes, it has a winch!

I haven't seen this Jeep in motion, but it's clearly owned by someone who uses it, no doubt for occasional camping trips in the Sierras and such.

The German Army gas cans are a nice touch- hey, whatever's cheapest at the surplus store!

And check out the CB radio. 10-4, good buddy!