A Golf-sized hatchback from Porsche? It could be in the works if Germany's car rumor-swirler AutoZeitung is on the mark. Most loose talk about Porsche has focused on a new mini SUV, sometimes dubbed the "Roxster." But the specter of stiffening C02 emissions regulations in Europe could mean the arrival of an even smaller Porsche. That is, an entry-level hatchback. AutoZeitung says it's already in the works, and set to be produced after the Panamera four-door hits in 2009. The smallest of Porsches will reportedly be developed using VW parts, and get a 295-hp boxer engine, lifted from the Boxster, though front mounted. A new compact all-wheel-drive system would send power to the four corners. Although purists may balk, we'd hitch our laptop to something like this in a heartbeat. And of course, the BMW 135i totally needs another playmate. [via Motor Authority]