It may not get to 60 mph in less than a glacial epoch, but Loremo is bringing a working prototype of its high-mileage, diesel-powered car to the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Its builders say the LOw REsistance MObility vehicle is capable of 118 mpg thanks to its extremely low weight and drag coefficient. Loremo debuted a non-working concept at last year's Geneva show and have since adjusted their fuel economy estimates down from 157 mpg. Powered by a 1.5 Liter diesel engine, the Loremo will be a low cost, low pollution alternative to the family car. The company also plans to enter the vehicle in the Automotive X-Prize. Entrance in the cross-country X-prize race - limited to vehicles that achieve 100mpg or greater - requires production feasibility and market research for at least 10,000 units. Vehicles must also be capable of passing US safety tests, which the Loremo should be able to easily do thanks to its patented linear cell safety cage. The race is scheduled to take place in 2009.Loremo