Get out the angel's food cake shaped like a Ruf 911 "Yellow Bird," and fire up the artificially aspirated candles. Germany's autobahn is turning 75. No, the Nazis didn't invent it and no, it doesn't have a better safety record than US interstates — according to Wired's Autopia — but it does have a Kraftwerk song named after it. (If you have 10 minutes to kill, and an extra pouch of psilocybin, you can check out the video above.) It also expresses a certain cultural divide between the two countries. In Germany, regulators allow common-sense and personal judgment to dictate the terms — for good or ill — while private industry offers practical solutions to human failings. In the US, the iron rule of statisticians and actuarial tables demands constant reduction of the mathematical highway death rate, while private industry provides ever more interior padding, just in case. Which one's better? Depends on who's doing the asking. [Autopia]