Speeding Crossfire Skewers Delivery Truck In Deadly Russian Accident

A security camera captured this high speed collision at a Russian intersection between a speeding Chysler Crossfire and a not-so-speedy cube van. Warning, the video contains images which may be disturbing to some viewers.

The accident occurred late at night in a lightly-trafficked intersection, but the results are terrible to say the least. The two occupants of the Crossfire died in the accident while the truck was split in half and the driver was thrown clear of the accident and survived. Check out the crash footage at the end of the video below and remember, be careful out there.


@WilliamG.: You missed a J-meme, to wish that the fatal Crossfire had been instead the loathed Toyota Prius. Whose disgustingly smug so-called "green" owners obviously do not know that manufacturing a single Prius generates more pollution than the Union Carbide methyl isocyanate reaction tank in Bhopal; it's true, it's true!, I read it on the internet.