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Junkyard Hero Mike Bumbeck Lowers The Internet's Property Values, We Rejoice: Clunkbucket!

Illustration for article titled Junkyard Hero Mike Bumbeck Lowers The Internets Property Values, We Rejoice: Clunkbucket!

Ex-Jalop Señor Bumbeck is twice the wrench and three times the photographer that I'll ever be, so weekend Jalopnik readers oughta be overjoyed to hear that he's back in action with a new site: Clunkbucket!


Yes, the man who showed up to my recent birthday party bearing the incredibly thoughtful gift of a Revell 1:24 scale 1970 AAR 'Cuda model kit (which will likely get the same treatment I gave my last Model Hell project, though it may have to wait in line behind the Nissan Cedric V30 Brougham Kit) is at it again! Those of you who followed the adventures of Señor B's oft-dissasembled Mitsubishi Starion and daily-driver Toyota Starlet will have plenty of catching up to do at the Bucket That Clunks. And what the hell is this- LeMons Supreme Court Justice Jonny Lieberman is on board as well?

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Rob Emslie

That's gonna be an awesome site. And bothBumbeck and Leaveatip contributing means pure gold. Looks like it's time to push the ol' command-D for another site. Geez, how am I going to get anything done around here?